House Rules

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Please keep in mind....

1. We kindly ask our guests to treat the key holder and/or house owner with respect, and to abide by his/her rules.

2. The maximum occupancy , cannot be exceeded.

3. Any supplementary costs - such as tourist tax, cleaning costs, bed linen or deposit - are stated on the accommodation ticket and must be paid to the key holder/manager on arrival.

4. We kindly ask you not to rearrange the furniture. This can cause unnecessary damage and can also result in wear and tear to the furniture and floors

5. Please do not open any rooms or cabinets which are under lock and key; these are for private use only.

6. Please do not dispose of any items in the toilet, bath, washbasin or any other drain (i.e. no tampons, sanitary towels, nappies or panty liners).

7. Any and every type of overflow in the bathroom causes damage to the floor and the fixtures and fittings. Guests are responsible for any and all damage caused. You will be charged for any repair costs, even if you have already vacated the property.

8. Please ensure that you always use bed linen on the beds.

9. wood stove usage : please be very careful not to stoke the fire too high, and please do not use wood that is wet. Both of these can cause chimney fires. If you are unsure about how to use the open fire, please ask the manager or owner who will be happy to help you. Please do not take wood from the garden. The manager will provide you with wood. 

10. Please do not place hot pans directly on the counter top or table; you should always use a table mat.

11. You are not allowed to smoke in this house. You are allowed to smoke outside (on the balcony or in the garden). There is a fine for non-compliance.

12. If you have brought your pet with you, please ensure that they do not sit on the sofas or the beds, and please keep your pet on a lead outside.

13. Please respect the garden; do not pick flowers, be gendle with the trees 

16. All guests are required to use water, electricity, economically. It is compulsory to turn off appliances such as the cooker, oven, TV and lights every time you leave the property. At the end of your stay you will be charged for any excessive energy use.

17. Please report any problems/defects to the manager upon arrival, or within 24 hours, to avoid being held responsible for the defect/s at the end of your stay. Please report any existing damage while you are here, or before you leave, so that the manager can repair the property before the next guests arrive.

18. Any complaints must be reported immediately (within 24 hours) to the manager. If the complaint is not satisfactorily resolved by the manager within 24 hours of reporting it, you need to contact us within 48 hours. We will then assist you further. Our telephone number can be found on your accommodation ticket.

19. If a complaint is not satisfactorily resolved after consultation with the owner/manager, the tenant can lodge a complaint with us - in writing only - within 30 days of return. We will review the complaint and if we consider it justified, we will seek an appropriate solution.

Before vacating this property, please ensure that:

  • You leave the property in good condition (swept clean) and by the stated check-out time;
  • The oven and microwave are clean and switched off;
  • The fridge is empty and has no leftover food or drink in it;
  • The dishwasher is empty and clean, and the dishes are clean and tidied away in the cupboards;
  • All rubbish sacks have been placed in the appropriate waste containers;
  • All lamps are switched off and all windows are closed;
  • All taps are fully turned off.

We hope you enjoy your stay!!!