Day Trips around the Cottage 

Adršpach-Teplice Rocks

Adršpach Rocks is the most visited rock town in the Czech Republic. It attracts visitors with its fairytale charm and an inexhaustible number of rock formations. The 3.5 km long route follows the green sign and is supplemented by information boards.

Chapel on Hvězda

The most visited spot in Broumovské stěny and likewise an important crossroads of hiking trails is the Baroque chapel of Our Lady of the Snows on Hvězda. The name Hvězda (Star) came about around 1670, when a wooden cross was erected on top of the rocks with a gold-plated star on top of it visible from afar for the orientation of hikers. Today, in addition to the chapel, you will find a tourist lodge with a restaurant.

Monastery of Broumov

Visit the Broumov Monastery - National Cultural Monument, an example of the top baroque architecture full of unique works of art. Monastery offer various types of guided tours.

Ostaš mountain

The Ostaš Nature Reserve which was declared in 1956 is situated on the top of the Ostaš table mountain. Its elevation is 700 meters above sea level. There is parking lot below Ostaš and a restaurant at the entrance into the rock Labyrinths. In the winter, the restaurant is open only at the weekends.

Stolowe Mountain National Park 

Stołowe Mountains National Park is located in the Central Sudetes, in the south-west portion of the Kłodzko region, at the border with the Czech Republic. It neighbours the Karkonosze, Bystrzyckie and Orlickie Mountains, and Broumovska Vrchovina on the Czech side, itself a portion of the same formation.

Farm Wenet

Farm Wenet is located in Broumov, overlooking the Broumov Wall, Ruprechtický špičák (Ruprechtický Mountain) and the centre of Broumov,

They started breeding in 1995, being one of the largest breeders of llamas in the Czech Republic, including tame llamas, guanaka llamas and alpaca llamas. In 2008, they added camels to the farm. 

Running Day!

Don't forget to hit some running across the beautiful surroundings of Bozanov . We recommend the route from Cottage to the nearby village Otovice. Mild , mostly unpaved terrain that connects to 2 Villages will take you through a scenery route . Going there and get back , will bring your daily 10 km target achievement !