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Day Trips around the Cottage 

Chapel on Hvězda

The most visited spot in Broumovské stěny and likewise an important crossroads of hiking trails is the Baroque chapel of Our Lady of the Snows on Hvězda. The name Hvězda (Star) came about around 1670, when a wooden cross was erected on top of the rocks with a gold-plated star on top of it visible from afar for the orientation of hikers. Today, in addition to the chapel, you will find a tourist lodge with a restaurant.

You will be guided from Hvězda to the most interesting spots of Broumovské stěny by marked hiking trails. Worth seeing is a romantic rocky canyon called Kovářova rokle, lined up to 100 meters high by blocks of rock. The gorge is only 2 meters wide in places and you will find Marian Cave there.

Another popular place is Supí hnízdo (Vulture's Nest), an observation point on the ridge of Broumovské stěny and nearby Hvězda. It offers a panoramic view from the Orlické Mountains, and the area around Náchod, Krkonoše and Adršpach rocks.

Large stone mushrooms

A popular, unique excursion for adults and young holidaymakers are the stone mushrooms, which you will see along a marked path from the village of Slavná. These oddly shaped rock formations resembling mushrooms were created by the uneven weathering of various layers of rock. Just a few hundred meters away lies the picturesque gorge Zaječí rokle and other rock formations with names as if from a fairy tale, for example, Lucifer, Devil's Mother-In-Law, or Stone Gate.

Our tip : 

The best way to entry the park is from the village of Křinice , 4 km from the cottage . There is free parking at the beginning of the path and entry to this park is free! 

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Monastery of Broumov 

Visit the Broumov Monastery - National Cultural Monument, an example of the top baroque architecture full of unique works of art. We offer various types of guided tours.

Focus on Baroque/ Life in the Monastery:
Church of st. Adalbert, sacristy, library, refectory with a copy of the Turin Shroud

Adult 130,- CZK
Child under 6 years 0,- CZK
Child 6-15 years 70,- CZK
Students 15-26 years 95,- CZK
Seniors 115,- CZK
Family - 2 adults, 2-3 children under 15 years 300,- CZK
Cemetery Church of Virgin Mary 60,- CZK 


Adult 160,- CZK
Child 95,- CZK 

More Info :

 Klášter Broumov
Klášterní 1
550 01 Broumov

Telephone: +420 491 521 283


Guided tours:,

 +420 733 739 726


Ostaš mountain

The Ostaš Nature Reserve which was declared in 1956 is situated on the top of the Ostaš table mountain. Its elevation is 700 meters above sea level.
Ostaš is divided into two parts: Upper and Lower Labyrinths. 

The local tourist loop leads visitors through diverse families of rocks, caves, corridors and other bizarre formations. The rocks on the top of the Ostaš Mountain form a high plateau that offers multiple look-outs. In the past, the Labyrinths of Ostaš, as well as the other rock towns in the region, served as a shelter for people in the times of repressions and danger. Therefore the Cave of Czech Brethren can be found here. There is also a number of distinct rock formations on Ostaš: Traitor (Zrádce), Cairn of Death (Mohyla smrti), Devil's car (Čertovo auto), Armed Man (Zbrojnoš) or Group of Bears (Skupina medvědů). The Ostaš scenic loop is marked with a blue color. The green tourist trail leads to the Cave of Czech Brethren (Jeskyně českých bratří) and the Cat Rocks (Kočičí skály) , the blue trail to the Samaritan spring at the foot of the mountain.

 There is parking lot below Ostaš and a restaurant at the entrance into the rock Labyrinths. In the winter, the restaurant is open only at the weekends.

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Stolowe Mountain National Park ( Polland )

Stołowe Mountains National Park is located in the Central Sudetes, in the south-west portion of the Kłodzko region, at the border with the Czech Republic. It neighbours the Karkonosze, Bystrzyckie and Orlickie Mountains, and Broumovska Vrchovina on the Czech side, itself a portion of the same formation.

The largest attraction of SMNP - this national park -is its picturesque rock bastions traversed by caves and labyrinths, as well as boulders, known as "mushroom rocks", featuring shapes not seen anywhere else in Poland. These formations were created by eroding sandstone, which dominates these lands.

The most popular tourist destinations are the rock formations of Szczeliniec Wielki (919 m) , one of the Stołowe Mountains' highest points, and the Błędne Skały labyrinth, also known as "rockville".

The park is home to a large number of wild animals, such as deer, bucks, wild boars and foxes. The cracks between rocks house the nests of bats and numerous rodents, including the rare dormouse.

Near the park there are several well-known resorts: Polanica-Zdrój, Duszniki-Zdrój and Kudowa-Zdrój, famed for their healing mineral waters. They boast extensive tourist facilities, including Spa and many restaurants . The towns are historical monuments with structures dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries.

You will need just a 15min drive from Cottage Bara , you can leave the car in any of the parking aereas of the park 

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 Winter Activities

Nearest  Ski Centers

Na Nebíčku - Police nad Metují ( 20 Km)

Teplice nad Metují - Kamenec ( 24 Km )

Teplice Nad Metuji
Teplice Nad Metuji

Orlicke Mountains ( 50 Km )

Farm Wenet

Farm Wenet  is located in Broumov, overlooking the Broumov Wall, Ruprechtický špičák (Ruprechtický Mountain) and the centre of Broumov,

They  started breeding in 1995, being  one of the largest breeders of llamas in the Czech Republic, including tame llamas, guanaka llamas and alpaca llamas. In 2008, they  added camels to the  farm. However, they  also breed traditional farm animals, like rabbits, hens, geese, ducks, sheep, goats, pigs and many others. 

Opening hours

Farm is open year-round in case of nice weather.

The perfect time to explore is:
spring and summer season from 10:00 to 17:00 hrs.
autumn and winter season from 10:00 to 14:00 hrs.


Admission is 50 CZK/person.

Running Day!

Don't forget to hit some running across the beautiful surroundings of Bozanov . We recommend the route from Cottage to the nearby village Otovice. Mild , mostly unpaved terrain that connects to 2 Villages will take you through a scenery route . Going there and get back , will bring your daily 10 km target achievement !


The jewel of East Bohemia ....

Adršpach Rocks is the most visited rock town in the Czech Republic. It attracts visitors with its fairytale charm and an inexhaustible number of rock formations. The 3.5 km long route follows the green sign and is supplemented by information boards. The tour includes two waterfalls, a sandpit and a rock lake with the possibility of sailing. Along the way, you can enjoy sandstone formations with names such as Lovers, Sugar Loaf, Jug, Grandma's Chaise longue, .. - according to the form they resemble, they were named by climbers. The rocks are accessible all year round, so if you want to avoid high traffic, we recommend coming in the winter months, when the rock town also has its own atmosphere.

In the Adršpach Rocks, there are a large number of rare animals, such as the newt, the viviparous lizard, the kingfisher, the little bustard or the black stork.